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Text ih365 to 313131 to receive text notifications to your phone for updates on how to help as needs arise throughout the crisis. Below you’ll find resources for kids, information on how to help, community resources, and a real-time list of outreach opportunities that are updated frequently—so check in often!

There are a number of hard-working organizations out there tirelessly working to make sure no one goes hungry during this difficult time. If you have food to spare, you can help out by donating food in a socially-distant way:

The Giving Plate is offering a drive-up style food box service. Support them by donating non-perishable food at a drop site near you:

  • Tap – 1424 NE Cushing Drive, Bend (11-4 Any day)
  • D&S Hydraulics – 373 SE Bridgeford Blvd, Bend (11-4 Monday thru Friday)
  • Bend Cider Co. – 64649 Wharton Avenue, Bend (11-4 Any day)

The Shepherd’s House serves prepackaged meals and other supplies Mon – Fri for anyone in need. You can support them by donating non-perishable food items, pre-made food bags, and fresh produce using their drive-through drop-off service:

  • Drop-off between the hours of 9am and 4pm Monday-Friday at 1854 NE Division St. Bend.
  • See a full list of ways you can help here.

Our Local Outreach team is hearing the needs within our community every week. If you are in a position to offer help to others during this crisis, here’s a new way you can jump in.

Help foster families and youth in foster care by meeting their tangible needs: Every Child Central Oregon has launched My NeighbOR in order to meet the needs of Oregon’s most vulnerable children and youth. Foster families and older foster youth submit their tangible needs requests to Every Child, and you can provide supplies, create a Flash Box, purchase a gift card for a foster family, or give funds to help meet the needs of foster families. Simply go to everychildoregon.org/myneighbor scroll to the bottom and sign up! You will receive an email from Every Child when new needs are posted.

A video update from Pastor Steve:

Hi everybody. I wanted to give you a quick update on some things going on in our faith community. It has been a moment for us to rethink how we do church. Thankfully we know, we are the church. It’s never been about a building. Still, without having our normal Sunday morning services we’ve become very aware of the need for greater connection during the week.

You may have noticed I have been on social media – which is not my norm. It’s actually been really great to do some Facebook and Instagram live conversations and see and interact with many of you.

Our discipleship team and volunteers are calling people in our congregation just to check in. Many of our Blue Groups have moved online and our Women’s Bible study this spring will also be online. Our local outreach crew is busy meeting needs both with individuals and with community organizations. We had a  drive-through food bank recently and it was really cool to use our atrium and parking lot to meet some critical needs in our community.

In addition to all that, we still have our Sunday services online! It’s amazing how powerful our times of worship still are even online. Nothing can restrain the presence of God as we worship together in our homes.

Personally, Suzanne and I are doing well. Even though exhaustion is always present, we are choosing to not worry or be anxious. We are very aware of the hardships that many are facing in our community. Thankfully we know our hope is not in this world, but in God who is watching out for us, even when it might not feel like it. He is for us! I believe that with all of my heart. Love you all and praying for you every day.

From St. Charles Health Systems:

“To all of our community members who so generously offered to donate hand-sewn masks to our caregivers, we’re happy to say we are ready and have a process in place to start accepting them!

We are in most need of adult-sized masks. These will not be used in place of personal protective equipment, but rather to prolong our supply.

We’ve included some instructions which call for a slit in the top so we may insert a disposable filter. However, if you’ve already made a few without the slit, we can still use them to cover our existing supply of masks.

When donating, please place them in a sealed bag and drop them at any of the donation spots throughout Central Oregon (dates, times and locations are listed below). Please do not take them to the hospital, as we have restrictions in place at the entrances for your safety.

Thank you all for your patience and for being so readily willing to help us. We can’t thank you enough.

March 23-27
(these dates may be extended)

Bend area (10:30 to 11:30 a.m.)
> Bend Senior High School, 230 NE 6th St. 
> Ensworth Elementary, 2150 NE Daggett Lane

La Pine area (10:30 to 11:30 a.m.) 
> La Pine High School, 51633 Coach Road, La Pine

Prineville area (noon to 1 p.m.) 
> Crook County School District, Pioneer South, 641 E First St.

Redmond area (10 a.m. to noon)
> Redmond Fire Station, 341 NW Dogwood Ave.

Madras area (noon to 1 p.m.)
> Madras First Baptist Church, 85 NE A Street

Visit our website to download a full size PDF of the instructions.”

We put our beautiful Westside Atrium to a different use on Monday, filling it to the brim with food to distribute to people in need. We partner with NeighborImpact once a month, but this month we needed to get creative due to coronavirus safety measures.

Getting creative looked like 14 volunteers providing food for 215 people in over 70 cars, via a parking lot drive-through plan developed and implemented by volunteer team leader Ken Betschart. 

We did not let the gloves, masks or car windows get in the way of providing encouragement and kind words, in addition to pantry items, meat and produce, to every person. 

We are developing ways that we can help each other during the pandemic that we now find ourselves in. We are fighting an invisible enemy, and we must be united as a church body in order to bring about the greatest outcome. We will only be asking our church family to assist in ways that do not compromise the health and safety of others. Updates will change based on needs and local restrictions. We love you Westside and we can’t wait to be together again.

  • Thanks to your continued giving, we are set up well and are already at work helping others during this medical and economic crisis. We are standing with Westside families, providing help and hope to struggling families in our community, and donating funds to nonprofits who are serving all around us every day. For more information on how to get help, call the church office (541-382-7504) during our adjusted office hours Monday-Thursday from 9am to 1pm, or fill out the online contact form
  • Organically ask for help and give help through Pandemic Partners-Bend, on Facebook. There are local pages set up in Redmond/Sisters and Prineville as well. Don’t have Facebook? Pandemic Partners now has a HelpLine! 541-668-6117 with the purpose of “expanding ways to help take care of each other’s essential, basic needs during this time. As with our Facebook group, the HelpLine will focus on these needs and reroute requests that are beyond what a neighbor could offer a neighbor (social services, volunteer offers, etc.).”—from Pandemic Partners-Bend.
  • Be sure and check out whatifwecould.com to find up-to-date information on how to help and donate to organizations on the ground floor.
  • Pandemic Partners Resource Sheet: This is a living document with up-to-date information as it becomes available, and is meant to be a local supplement to the statewide 211 system.
  • Food Resource Map: From school food distribution to where to find food banks and pantries.

As our city is struggling,  many of you have asked how you can help. We are actively working every day to provide both hope and help to our community. Here are some ways for us to stay connected and aware.

We will be utilizing our website, westsidechurch.org, more and more to list new digital ways to connect and grow in our faith together during this challenging time.

We are continuing to help with needs in our community through our monthly Food Program and active support of community organizations. Thank you for your ongoing generosity, it’s making a difference. To hear about specific needs and opportunities to help, simply sign up for our IHEART365 texting line by texting ih365 to the number 313131.  We will utilize this existing ministry to text out needs and opportunities.

Pandemic Partners-Bend Facebook page is a great, community page filled with needs and people organically meeting them.

Westside Church-Community Facebook page is a great place for us to start to connect as a faith community as well.

If you know of needs, or need help yourself, please call (541)382-7504 or contact us

We are committed to you and to our community for the duration of this global crisis. Let’s stand together, and support one another and our city.