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COVID-19 Resources & Westside Church's Community Response
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When the stay-at-home order begins to lift, we will be launching Westside Home Church, an exciting opportunity for smaller groups of individuals to gather to worship and care for one another in homes until we are able to safely meet as a larger gathering in our church building. We are looking for 50-100 hosts to be ready and willing to invite others to a weekly online service in your home. Gather with a small group of people to worship, hear the word, pray, and discuss the message together. Westside Home Churches will be a great place to build community with new friends and those you already know. Please prayerfully consider being a host home for one of these smaller weekly church gatherings. We will provide weekly discussion questions and the online service, you provide the home!

To sign up as a host, visit

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Together we are making an impact in our community in the midst of the crisis. Check out this Outreach Update from Pastor Steve to be encouraged and find out how to keep helping. Thank you, Westside!

May 27 was our For the City Donation drive—and you guys showed up! We had 93 vehicles come through to drop off donations.  (91 cars, 1 pedestrian, and one stroller, with mom attached.)

Together we gathered:

  • 180 boxes and bags of diapers
  • 141 boxes and bags of wipes
  • 144 propane cans
  • 120 pairs of jeans
  • 130 boxes of protein bars

Your generosity towards our city is beautiful. These donations will be given to four community organizations that are serving individuals and families experiencing homelessness and poverty. Thank you for your continued partnership and generosity.

Pastor Steve shares plans for future relaunching of our larger gatherings and current news on the smaller gatherings that are beginning to happen in homes across our region based on our Phase 1 status.

How to Help local Foster Families and Foster Youth

May is Foster Care Awareness Month! We want our Westside family to know that there are simple ways to support foster families and foster youth in Central Oregon. With the impact of COVID-19, there are even less families opening their homes, and more children suffering abuse and neglect.

Right now Every Child has a goal of showing appreciation to all 166 foster care providers across Central Oregon. Here’s how you can help:

  • Provide gift cards for groceries, meals, or family fun.
  • Build a flash box filled with activities, gift cards, and items for guardians and kids.

Sign up to provide gift cards, flash boxes here. Let’s help Every Child meet their goal!

Sometimes, foster parents have specific needs for the kids they are hosting —from car seats, to diapers, to bikes and more. If you are willing to meet these specific needs, please sign up to help foster families now and beyond the month of May, here.

PS: If you’re wondering if 166 foster care providers across Central Oregon is enough to meet the need of kids going into care… it’s not! There is a great need for more foster homes, especially during this season. If you’re interested in learning more about how to take the next step, visit to learn more about volunteering, meeting tangible needs, making a donation or explore becoming a foster parent or respite care provider.

Last month our food distribution project was a huge success—thanks to the help of our Westside family.

On Wednesday, May 27th Westside will be hosting a For The City donation event in partnership with the community organizations in our city that serve struggling young families, and our homeless.

We have identified the following essential items would meet a great need:

  • Diapers of all sizes
  • Baby wipes
  • 1 lb propane cans
  • Protein bars
  • Size 30-36 waist jeans 

Please join in by dropping off any of the listed items on May 27th from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm at the Westside Church Office Drop-off station. Thank you for helping us make a difference in our city!

Help us embrace, encourage and empower our Redmond families.

In an effort to provide food, cleaning supplies, and books to children and families –  Redmond Proficiency Academy has created Redmond Cares.

Redmond Cares gives out food and supply boxes upon request and even delivers! All donations will be a curbside drop-off to adhere with social distancing protocols.

RPA is now accepting donations of food and supplies. If you live in the Redmond area, please consider donating the following:

  • Non-perishable food items
  • Boxes/shopping bags,
  • Toiletries/hygiene items
  • Sanitation supplies

RPA is accepting donations every Tuesday and Wednesday from 1-4 pm. Visit Redmond Cares for full details. Thank you!

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